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Latest News: Via Forbes – Study from Barbara Bush Foundation and Gallup Finds U.S. Could Be Losing $2.2 Trillion Annually Due to Low Adult Literacy Rates. READ NOW


A library to support learning

We’re dedicated to supporting those who are driven to be better and improve their own literacy or literacy within their community. Check back often as we continue to update our library of free resources available with adult learners, parents, and mentors in mind.

Literacy Gap Map

Communities across the U.S. that are at-risk for unemployment and poor health outcomes are the same communities where low literacy rates are most prevalent. Explore the data in our literacy gap map.


Mentor & Parent Guides

Are you a parent or mentor looking for resources to help support your child’s literacy skill development? Access guided reading book sets here.

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Mrs. Bush’s Reading Tips

Mrs. Bush once said that “Reading helps us grow, head and heart.” When parents and children learn together, the possibilities are endless. Parents can best support their children’s literacy development by routinely reading with them. In 2016, Mrs. Bush shared her tips for family reading.