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We’re empowering adults who are courageous enough to take a second chance on education.


Improving lives through literacy

Literacy affects nearly every aspect of life, from reading a prescription label to helping your child with homework.

Improving literacy and improving lives begins with adult literacy. So we’re dedicated to investing in the technology, resources, and programming necessary to support those who take a second chance on education.

Nationwide impact
for over 30 years

Mrs. Bush knew that many of our country’s most pressing issues would be better if more people could read, write, and comprehend.

For over 30 years, we have been the nation’s leading advocate for literacy. Our investment in family literacy programs in all 50 states shows our commitment to reaching learners across generations and across our country.

invested in family literacy programs across the country.

How we’re solving the literacy crisis

We believe in the uniquely transformative power of literacy. We fight to give adults the literacy tools they need to take control of their futures because it makes life better for everyone. We advocate for stronger literacy outcomes nationwide through:


Support development of and access to technology-based adult literacy tools and resources


Expand evidence-based practices and resources in adult and family literacy


Increase awareness of the literacy crisis in the United States and existing efforts to solve it


Through research and evaluation, identify evidence-based practices to achieve better outcomes for low literate adults

The Barbara Bush Foundation Adult Literacy XPRIZE Competition

Presented by the Dollar General Literacy Foundation, the Adult Literacy XPRIZE is a groundbreaking competition that challenged teams around the world to develop mobile apps that allows adults to improve their literacy skills anytime, anywhere.

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ReadSquad is a reading mentoring program that pairs struggling readers in first, second, and third grade with teen mentors, as well as provides books and resources to be used at home, to support literacy skill development in both children and parents.

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Book Explorers

Book Explorers is a reading mentoring program for first, second, and third graders, and uses targeted strategies and activities to build literacy skills and confidence. Each book is accompanied by a parent guide full of fun, enriching activities to encourage children and their caregivers to learn together at home and a mentor guide that helps volunteer mentors make the most of their sessions.

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Success Stories

It takes courage and heart
to return to education

Looking for support?

Check out our library of free resources for adult learners, mentors, parents, and families.

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It’s everybody’s business. Period.

Improving literacy unlocks the potential of individuals, families, and businesses across the United States. Join our mission to change our country, one learner at a time.

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