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Our Story

“The American Dream is about equal opportunity for everyone who works hard. If we don’t give everyone the ability to simply read and write, then we aren’t giving everyone an equal chance to succeed.”  Mrs. Barbara Bush

More than 25 years ago, Mrs. Barbara Bush founded the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy. Then First Lady, she started the nonprofit with a goal to empower families through literacy. Driven by her passion for reading, she set out to raise awareness about the importance of family literacy, in other words, giving children and their parents the opportunity to learn and achieve together.

Mrs. Bush stated that if more people could read or write, “we could be much closer to solving so many other problems that our country faces.” She recognized that providing access to literacy programs was essential to helping parents and children have an equal chance to succeed in life. Her work has helped to improve the lives of many families across the nation and continues to inspire the next generation of learners.

At the Barbara Bush Foundation, we believe all precious children deserve an equal opportunity to achieve. Many of the nation’s youngest children who come from disadvantaged families suffer even greater challenges, unable to gain the necessary literacy skills to match their peers, skills essential to building their future success. Millions of parents face a gap in education, lacking basic reading and writing skills to help their children in school. That is why the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy advocates for the most basic of educational skills for both child and parent: the ability to read and write. Low literacy levels are linked to poor health, fewer economic opportunities and a lifetime on welfare. We work to close this gap so more families can achieve the American Dream.

For more information view our Barbara Bush Foundation Fact Sheet.

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