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Transforming lives through literacy

We envision an America in which all adults have the opportunity to read, write, and comprehend in order to navigate the world with dignity. Together, we can give people access to opportunities that will create change today and for generations to come.

George Bush Presidential Library and Museum
Barbara Bush attends the United Nations International Literacy Day Celebration in New York City, September 8, 1989.

For over three decades, we have worked so that adults and families have the opportunity to learn how to read, write, and better comprehend the world around them. Our work has provided more than $110 million in support to literacy programs in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, and has impacted millions of lives.

As we work to fulfill Mrs. Bush’s legacy, our continued focus is on improving lives academically, financially, and socially. We are dedicated to expanding access to literacy services for adults nationwide because improving adult literacy is the key to improving family literacy and our nation as a whole.

Press Inquiries

If you’re a member of the media or would like more information, you can reach Lauren Sproull, Vice President of Communications, at 850.562.5300 or Lauren.Sproull@barbarabush.org.