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What does a future look like where every adult is able to read, write, and comprehend? How would improving literacy rates create a positive impact on the economy? To learn the answer to these questions and more, you can vote for our SXSW EDU 2022 Conference panels, Literacy: The Key to Equity and Economic Recovery and Envisioning the Future of Adult Literacy. Voting is open through August 26.


Literacy: The Key to Equity and Economic Recovery
Educational attainment is a critical factor in economic growth. Yet, 54% of U.S. adults read below the equivalent of a 6th-grade level. A study by the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy and Gallup found that moving all adults to a 6th-grade reading level would add an estimated $2.2 trillion to the U.S. economy annually. Join us for a discussion on how improving literacy rates can lift families out of poverty, driving equity and economic recovery.

• British Robinson, President and CEO, Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy
• Jonathan Rothwell, Senior Economist, Gallup
• Denine Torr, Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility & Philanthropy and Executive Director, Dollar General Literacy Foundation, Dollar General and Dollar General Literacy Foundation
• Holly MacDonald, Chief Investment Officer, Bessemer Trust
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Envisioning the Future of Adult Literacy
More people are affected by low literacy in the United States than are diagnosed with cancer or heart disease. More than half of American adults read below a 6th-grade level, costing us $2.2T in GDP annually. Emerging mixed reality technology like the Microsoft Hololens 2 enables literacy analysis through eye tracking in a new and exciting way. Join us to learn how the technology is being employed for literacy, both in children and adults.

• Andrew Sugarman, President, Sketchy Group
• British Robinson, President and Chief Executive Officer, Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy
• Ellen Hiskin, Mixed Reality Specialist, Microsoft Mixed Reality Sales, WW
• Ted Dinsmore, President, SphereGen Technologies
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