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Story Mentors

A digital classroom for struggling readers

Story Mentors is a digital classroom built to support struggling first grade readers. Students, parents, and teachers can access free online resources including children’s books and guides to help support student learning. Struggling readers are matched with Story Mentors—who can be upper-grade students, parent volunteers, or caring community members—to practice reading one-on-one.


get support for their child and help them learn


can point students to free, supplemental resources


build mentorships around a love for literacy

Parents and mentors can access free resources, including downloadable books and mentor guides, to help improve their child's literacy skills.
Building a community around literacy

Story Mentors engages and supports the biggest champions of reading and education: parents, teachers, and mentors. Through the digital library and lesson plans, these important role models have access to free, quality materials to help struggling readers in elementary school. Together, they build a community around literacy.

"Parents are their children's first and most important teachers, and we need to be concerned about the literacy of both adults and children at the same time."

The value of youth literacy

One-on-one reading practice with a mentor is proven to help emerging elementary school readers progress. The parents, teachers, and mentors are able to foster a love of learning and literacy from a young age with their mentees and empower new generations through education. To learn more about the program and access the digital library, visit StoryMentors.org.


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