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Message from our Leaders

Barbara Bush, Founder

“Family is unquestionably the most important part of my life. Children, after all, are our most precious resource. After raising five children of my own, I now am blessed to be called “Ganny” by more than 20 grandchildren and great grandchildren! Like every mother in America, the thing I want most is for our children to become happy, healthy and responsible adults. I have the fondest memories of reading to my children when they were young – the smallest on my lap, a couple of others nestled by my knee. My wish is for every parent and child to experience the joy of reading and a lifetime of learning. We can make this nation a greater place by investing in our families and our future.”


Doro Bush Koch

Doro Bush Koch, Honorary Chair

“As the saying goes, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree – and that is certainly the case in our family. Growing up, our home was overflowing with children’s storybooks, novels, biographies and historical hardbacks. You name it and at some point it was probably on our bookshelves.

However, not all children are fortunate to grow up in a home filled with books and eager readers.  My brothers and I learned at a very young age that reading is a gift that brings lifelong joy and learning. And, it is a gift easily passed from generation to generation – my own four kids are also book lovers. So it came naturally to me to become an advocate for family literacy – like my mom.

But, I recognize not all families share this invaluable experience. Not all parents, for one reason or another, have the ability to read to their children or to help them prepare to enter school.  That’s why we, at the Barbara Bush Foundation, are passionate to create an America where everyone can read – both child and adult. I hope you’ll join us in taking on America’s Biggest Challenge.”


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