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Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy Announces Innovative Partnership with Global Incubator and Seed Fund 1776

Tallahassee, Fla. – The Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy is excited to announce its new partnership with 1776, a Washington, D.C.-based global incubator and seed fund. This is the most recent in a series of innovative moves that the Foundation has made toward envisioning and realizing bold, transformational solutions to the challenge of adult literacy.

For nearly three decades, the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy has funded two-generation family literacy efforts nationwide, providing educational opportunities for adults and children in local communities. But with 36 million Americans unable to read above a fifth grade level and federally funded programs available for less than five percent of adult learners in need, the Foundation believes it is critical to leverage expertise and investments from other sectors to create new models that can be scaled to meet the enormous demand.

“The adult literacy space in America is vastly under-resourced. We’re the leading edge nonprofit that is agnostic as to whether we fund nonprofits or for-profit startups,” said Liza McFadden, President and CEO of the Barbara Bush Foundation. “What we care about are low-cost or no-cost solutions to literacy, and we’re excited by the learning climate that 1776 offers our partner start-ups.”

“We’re thrilled to join forces with such an extraordinary institution as the Barbara Bush Foundation that is addressing critical issues in adult literacy, education and employment,” said Rusty Greiff, 1776 Managing Director for Education. “The legacy and impact the Foundation brings will be exponentially more powerful when paired with high-growth startups that are driving sustainable innovation in this field.”

1776 is a public benefit corporation that scouts and funds high-growth startups around the world focused on solving society’s most fundamental challenges in sectors like education, energy, transportation and financial services. It serves hundreds of startups and institutions worldwide through its innovation curriculum, mentorship, investment and programming, providing them with access to the latest techniques for building a scalable business and connecting them with experts and influencers who can help them navigate their most daunting challenges.

These resources will provide valuable learning and networking opportunities for teams competing in the Barbara Bush Foundation Adult Literacy XPRIZE, a global competition that is currently underway. In this challenge, 109 teams from 15 countries are racing to develop groundbreaking adult literacy mobile applications. In October 2016, partners in the Adult Literacy XPRIZE, along with 1776, will host a Washington, D.C. summit for teams involved in the competition.

About the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy: The Barbara Bush Foundation is the nation’s leading advocate for family literacy. The Foundation was established by Mrs. Barbara Bush in 1989, and today is a public charity that aspires to achieve a vision of fostering the opportunity for every man, woman and child to secure a better life through literacy. To learn more about the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy’s commitment to promote family literacy in homes across America, please visit www.BarbaraBush.org or join the conversation on Facebook or Twitter (@BarbaraBushFdn).

For more information, contact Lauren Sproull at (850) 562-5300 or lauren.sproull@barbarabush.org.

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