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Barbara Bush’s Big Idea

“What Would Barbara Do?” It’s a question that Anita B. McBride, former Chief of Staff to First Lady Laura Bush, asks herself daily. Anita shares about what First Lady Barbara Bush meant to her, as well as the impact of Mrs. Bush’s legacy of improving American lives through literacy.

America is facing a silent crisis. It’s time to address low literacy.

One in every six adults in America struggles with low literacy. It’s time to address this silent crisis. Read more from our President and CEO, British A. Robinson […]

Celebrating Adult Literacy and Technology

~ Four things we’re celebrating this Adult Education and Family Literacy Week ~ By Patti Constantakis and Liza McFadden As we celebrate Adult Education and Family Literacy this week, we find ourselves reflecting on the progress happening across the country on behalf of the 36 million low-skilled adults in the U.S. These adults face several […]

Talk With Me Baby

The Barbara Bush Foundation is proud to be advocating further for childhood literacy in our recent partnership with Talk With Me Baby™, a Georgia-based early learning initiative. TWMB is a public action campaign aimed at coaching parents and caregivers on “Language Nutrition”—language rich in engagement, quality, quantity, and context that nourishes the child neurologically, socially, and linguistically. […]

Join Us in Voices for Literacy

Don’t you just love those moments of total “YES!?” How about an “AMEN!?” As literacy lovers celebrate our favorite month of the year—National Literacy Month—I thought I’d share a few shout-outs to those who are inspiring this work through the new Voices for Literacy campaign. We believe that in order to drive innovation and increase […]

Seeking Innovative Solutions to the Challenge of Adult Literacy

My great-grandparents emigrated from Westport, Ireland and I’ve traveled to see the home they left. In the summer it’s a charming, whitewashed building with a picturesque view of the harbor that belies the hunger and hardship that motivated its residents to seek a better life across the ocean. I’m reminded of this image daily in […]

Expanding the Potential of 2Gen Programs – 3 Ideas for Funders

The March 2016 Making Tomorrow Better Together report by Ascend at the Aspen Group was brutally honest on the value of what they called “Two-Generation 1.0 programs” — programs that at their heart were wonderfully intentioned to provide valuable services to both parents and children, but which produced only modest participant outcomes at a relatively high […]

Lawmakers Must Support Student Success

More than 25 years ago, the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy set out to achieve a singular goal – to help every man, woman, and child secure a better life through literacy. As we congratulate graduates, we must consider the millions who don’t complete their degrees. We have observed many barriers that confront the […]

Ed Reform Movement, Credentials, Social Impact Bonds — What’s the Future for Adult Literacy?

On June 8, the Barbara Bush Foundation will host a symposium in D.C. to ponder adult literacy. By the way, read on — and if you are interested in these topics, let me know and, space permitting, join us. Last year, we put a stake in the ground that we just don’t believe there are […]

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