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Teen Trendsetters™


Teen Trendsetters™ reading mentors is an intensive reading program for 1st and 2nd graders (mentees) reading half a year or more behind their grade level. Students who enter the program sign a contract with their parents to read to them at least twice a week. Mentees are assigned a teen mentor who meets with them weekly, working together to improve reading. Mentees also receive a home library over the course of the school year.


Teen Trendsetters™ reading mentors works. In a controlled study, Dr. Craig Mason with the University of Maine found Teen Trendsetters™ mentees showed 61% more growth than the comparison students. Nearly half the children in program overall – who started the program at least half a year behind in reading – advanced their reading skills an entire grade level during the few months of the program.


The program also provides a tremendous sense of purpose and leadership for teen mentors as they make important decisions about their future. Senior mentors have a 92% graduation rate, compared with 81% nationally, and the majority attend college after graduation.

If you would like to make a huge impact on the lives of children who struggle to read, please make a donation. For more information about Teen Trendsetters™ please contact our staff at

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